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VA-PIC-001Now you can get more engagement and interaction from the visitors you are “PAYING FOR” from your Google Adwords Advertising Budget!

Imagine a new visitor coming to your website and within 1 to 10 seconds your virtual assistant starts communicating with them.  We can even control the amount of time your virtual assistant appears on their screen.

You virtual assistant greets and speaks to your visitors in a polite and non-intrusive manner!

Capture & Follow Up “INSTANTLY!”

VA-PIC-002With this cutting edge technology your company/business can literally engage with each new visitor that arrives on at your website and help you attain many of your visitors contact information:

  • Visitors Name!
  • Visitors Email Address!
  • Visitor’s Telephone Number!

Of course, we can help you design the questions your virtual assistant asks your visitors so you can get “ALL” the specific information you want and need!

And, the best part is, you’ll receive an email “IMMEDIATELY” after the Visitor/Virtual Assistant conversation has ended so you or a member of your staff can monitor each lead that comes in and can follow up with each new lead you get within seconds or minutes after you receive the completed conversation.

This is particularly powerful!  You can follow up with each visitor who interacts with your virtual assistant to start building a great relationship with them, answer any questions or concerns they may have – OR, EVEN… schedule an appointment “INSTANTLY!


JUMP-FOR-JOYFrom the Header to the Virtual Assistant Photo – From the Greeting to the Pertinent Questions You Ask Your Visitors… You can now get the kind of detailed information you need to help your visitor get answers fast.  Or, even follow up within a few minutes to set up an appointment or schedule a consultation.  The Sky Is The Limit!

Unlike other virtual or live assistant service providers who charge “EXORBITANT” fees, per-lead costs or “OUTRAGEOUS” monthly billing, “We Offer An AFFORDABLE Solution” to your lead generation needs.

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