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“Total Business Machine” – Online Advertising Agency Service!
consulting 008The biggest companies around the world know the value of advertising and have huge advertising budgets that get them the kind of online traffic that gives them excellent returns on the advertising spends.  But, what about the millions of small to medium sized businesses that can’t afford what these large corporations can afford? It has been impossible for smaller businesses to compete with larger companies… UNTIL NOW!

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How would you like your business to have the same kind of advertising power that the “Big Guns” have and literally be in possession a totally hands-free online advertising system that drives targeted traffic to your webpages, makes irresistible offers that drive hundreds /even thousands of brand new and established customers or clients to your place of business over and over again? As well as, having an online promotional tool that communicates with all that targeted traffic every holiday, (New Years, The Super-Bowl, Valentines Day, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother & Father’s Day, 4th of July, World Series, Thanksgiving and Christmas), not to mention – create special deals anytime you want to attract new customers, make customer loyalty offers and So Much MORE! Most businesses simply cannot afford what big companies with unlimited advertising budgets can afford.  Small companies know that Social Media is the most effective way to attract new business, communicate with them and provide incentives and special offers to get them to their place of business. But, after setting up their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites, they simply didn’t get the kind of results they had anticipated and within just a few short weeks or months – gave up and wrote it off to another confusing Internet experience that they didn’t fully understand, know how to implement or know how to profit from.  IMFX Can Change That All For You FAST!  Heck, we will even set it all up for you and let you take if for a test drive before you make a decision. Now you and your business can have the exact same kind of advertising power that the “Big Guns” have for a “Fraction of The Cost!” In fact, IMFX will setup a “FREE” Trial Test Campaign so you can see for yourself what kind of results you could be getting before you spend anything for this incredible Advertising Agency caliber service! We Do All of The Work For You and Customize It Taylor Made For Your Business – Just Like The Multi – Million Dollar Corporations Do! Visit Our New Landing Page Right Now For a Video Overview and Request a “FREE” Initial Consultation Appointment where we will answer all of your questions/concerns and let you take this amazing online advertising system for a “Test-Drive” for “FREE!”

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“My Virtual Lead Assistant – Lead Generation Service!”
Hair Pulling 001Have you ever wondered why your website doesn’t perform and achieve the kind of results you want?  The IMFX Lead Assistant could solve this stifling issues that over 95% of businesses that advertise online! It’s no secret that “Live Chat Assistants” help website owners engage with just about every single person that visits a website.  But, live chat assistant services can be astronomical and out of the reach of small to medium sized businesses. Our Virtual Assistant software is a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that provides diverse automated chat solutions for a variety of online business challenges. Powered by the revolutionary Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI) chat-engine. Our technology implements advanced AEI scientific theories that enable the VP to mirror authentic personal, commercial and professional human behavior patterns, providing your visitors with a virtually live chat experience 24/7! The IMFX Lead Assistant is a completely automated “Lead Capture System” that:

  • Greets Each Person Who Visits Your Website!
  • Captures Your Visitors Name!
  • Collects Your Visitor’s Telephone/Mobile Telephone Number!
  • Snags Your Visitor’s Main Email Address!
  • Preps Each Visitor For A Telephone or Email Followup Quickly!
  • Improves Your Lead Generation Process By 31% or More INSTANTLY!
  • Sends “HOT/FRESH” Leads To Your Email Inbox IMMEDIATELY in Real Time!
  • Takes Less Than 5 Minutes To Install On Your Website!

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“FREE” Lead Generating Landing Pages!
Ecstatic 004Our two ultra attractive websites can help you and your entire Network Marketing team acquire more hot/fresh referrals to your businesses than you can imagine! And, the best part is… “This Professional Landing Pages” are “Absolutely FREE!” Our team will contact you ASAP and completely customize your brand new landing page and help you set up your domain/hosting and auto-responder system so people looking for your type of business opportunity will be followed up with immediately… 24/7 – 365 Days a Year! Never before has the power of the Internet been stronger for MLM/Network Marketing Business Owners! This “Online Referral System” is ULTRA POWERFUL and can help your entire organization bring new people into you and your new members businesses with ease! Click each of the links below for a sneak peak of these two beautiful and powerful online recruiting tools:

  • Dark Background Version
  • Blue Background Version

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Free MLM/Network Marketing Landing Pages!

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Free Real Estate Landing Pages!

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“Social Media Machine Service!”
This online marketing service consists of an enticing webpage that literally “ROCKS” your visitor’s world at the moment they land on the page! Contact us today for a sneak peek of we can be working for you on the Internet.  We will setup an appointment and share our computer screen with you so you can see the behind the scenes activity that get your Facebook Fans more engaged, and coming through the doors of your business!  You Will Be Totally AMAZED!
“Quick Fire Social Media Service!”
Running a business is not always easy.  The Time, Money & Energy to keep a business running efficiently and profitably can be very demanding. You don’t have the time or the patience to get on the computer and post status updates, upload photos and do what it takes to engage your audience on the social networks of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Penterest, Google+ and others.  Nor, do you have staff members who are skilled enough to keep them all running smoothly. This IMFX Social Media Service can be completely automated for you for days and weeks in advance and allow you to have us insert special events and announcements that create a buzz that gets more people to your place of business. Contact us today for a “Free Consultation & Overview” of what this incredible service can do for you and your business!
“Online Coupon Service!”
In today’s economy people are searching for ways to make their money stretch and get the biggest bang for the buck.  If you use coupons in your marketing efforts then you really need to check out our “Online Coupon Service!”
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