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IMFX’s Promise To Our Clients!

IMFX Client DiversityIMFX offers several online marketing services guaranteed to get both our online & offline clients the kind of results they have been searching for.  We understand the importance of using online advertising to produce an acceptable ROI for the business owners and their managers.  That’s why we introduce each of our clients to a process that literally pays for the types of advertising that helps build a substantial list of customers/clients eager to participate in the communications we send out on our client’s behalf.

You would be very surprised to know that the majority of businesses we come in contact with don’t have a customer list that includes their customers names, email addresses, telephone numbers, birthdays and other vital information to effectively build relationships that encourages them to participate via contests, sweepstakes, polls, coupons and a variety of attention grabbing, fun-packed online activities.

Throughout every calendar year there are numerous holidays and events where your customers search for ways to celebrate and enjoy special occasions.

How IMFX Helps Our Clients Increase Their Revenues!

100 Dollar Bills 001We have all heard the expression, “The Money Is In The List!”  If campaigns are created and developed properly, a customer list could be one of the most powerful assets your business could ever possess!  It’s like a water spigot that can create a flow of income any time you want or need an extra surge of cash-flow for your business.

Imagine building a customer list of 1,000 people in a relatively short period of time that gains those people’s trust and appreciation by effectively communicating with them through your Facebook fan page and other online social media channels with special offers every single month of the year that saves them money, rewards them for engaging/interacting with you by means of likes, comments and sharing exciting news and events with all of their friends, family and fans.

Or, how about having a “Loyalty Program” whereby your customers can build up points that elevate them to VIP Status and the reward them with significant discounts and special deals not available to anyone else, all the while participating in something that’s fun, exciting and “VERY REWARDING!”

Monetizing via your social media pages is where the vast majority of businesses miss the mark!  Rather than coming off as an obvious sales ploy, this skill is difficult for businesses to establish and maintain.  That’s where IMFX comes to the aid of our clients as their trusted and valued online marketing ally!

By having IMFX as a member of your marketing team, you can focus on the one thing you should always be focusing on – providing the best possible products and/or services you can to your customers/clients!

With IMFX as a member of your marketing team you will have a constant flow of new customers being attracted to your business while continuing to keep your established customers coming back time and time again.

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